Graduate Diploma in Informatics - Business, Law and Social Sciences

Preparation for master's degrees in Information Sciences and Business Systems Analysis and Design

The Graduate Diploma in Informatics is your gatway to a master's degree in areas including Information Science, Business Systems Analysis and Design, and Technology and Library Science. You will study a range of academic courses, English language and varied study skills. 

Why apply for the Graduate Diploma programme?

  • guaranteed university placement for all successful students
  • a quality-assured university programme
  • world-class facilities in a modern study centre
  • a conditional offer of a place on a designated postgraduate degree at City University London
  • full university status, access to City University London support and facilities
  • intensive English tuition
  • a highly supportive study environment with small classes for maximum student teacher interaction
  • professional support and guidance with your university application
  • the highest levels of pastoral care and support

Who should apply for the Graduate Diploma programme?

The Graduate Diploma is suitable for international students who need an introduction to the study of a subject in preparation to study it at postgraduate level, or to upgrade qualifications if you have studied a 3 year Diploma in a relevant subject. The Graduate Diploma is also suitable for those that want to increase or update their subject knowledge or those that need to improve their English language study skills within the context of their chosen subject.

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What will I study?

All students complete a common core set of modules, plus specialist modules for your progression pathway.

Core modules:

English Language and Communication Skills You will improve you grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation, as well as develop your academic abilities in written work, presentations and partaking in discussion.
Research Skills This module will provide you with a basic understanding of the nature of enquiry, developing your ability to access and analyse data. A large part of the module involves analysing and interpreting existing data from various fields of research. You will also be introduced to the theoretical and practical differences between quantitative and qualitative research methods.
Independent Research Project The compulsory research project brings together the skills and understanding from other modules. The research can be based on primary or secondary research and allows you to practice core skills necessary for postgraduate level study.


Specialist modules:

Emperical Enquiry and Critical Thought This module explores the relationship of theoretical models to empirical studies, the ways in which primary supporting data is collected and analysed, and the philosophical grounds of rationalism and empiricism.
Critical Information Systems* This module provides an overview of the main concepts and principles of organisational information technologies in critical systems, and an understanding of how data knowledge and management operate.

*This module is part of the Graduate Diploma in Science and Engineering - Infomatics pathway


The course is comprised of 120 credits and on average, there are 22 class hours per week. Credit details and full module descriptions are available to download in the course description PDF below.

How will I be assessed?

Entry to all postgraduate degrees at City University London is highly competitive and students hoping to study at postgraduate level must maintain high standards throughout their Graduate Diploma programme. Whilst grades in the Graduate Diploma programme do not count towards your postgraduate degree, your performance will be used to determine whether you meet the criteria for entry to your chosen postgraduate degree programme at the University. Please see the progression requirements for your intended degree below.

Assessment is both formal and informal, designed to help students build on their successes and meet requirements for entry to postgraduate study. You will be assessed by a combination of:

  • an independent research project - a written version and a presentation
  • exams
  • coursework which may include written assignments, reports, practical exercises, group and individual research projects, presentations and problem-solving exercises.

How is the programme validated?

The Graduate Diploma is quality assured and designed in partnership with City University London. Successful completion leads to the award of the City University London Graduate Diploma, at Level 6 on the National Qualification Framework (NQF).

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