International Foundation in Engineering and Science

Preparation for undergraduate degrees from Queen's University in Science, Engineering, Computing and Mathematics

The Foundation combines academic study, intensive English language teaching and study skills to prepare you for entry into the first year of a university degree in areas such as Biological Sciences, Mathematics and Computing, Science and Engineering.

Queen's University Belfast subject rankings:

  • 3rd in the UK for Pharmacy (Times Good University Guide 2014)
  • 13th for Architecture (Guardian University Guide 2014)
  • 5 Engineering areas in the top 20 (The Times Good University Guide 2014)

Why apply for the international foundation programme?

  • guaranteed university placement for all successful students
  • full university status
  • a quality assured university programme
  • a campus based programme with access to university facilities
  • a conditional offer of a place on the first year of a relevant undergraduate
    degree at Queen's University Belfast
  • professional support and guidance with university applications
  • multiple start dates
  • the highest levels of personal care and support

91% of International Foundation students were eligible to progress to Queen's University Belfast in 2012

Who should apply for the International Foundation programme?

You should apply for this course if you have completed secondary school education in your home country. The International Foundation programme provides academic preparation for first year entry and ensures that you meet the minimum English language requirement for entry to your chosen undergraduate degree programme at Queen's. Successful completion of this programme will also allow you to apply for entry to other universities in the UK.

Study Engineering and Science at INTO Queen's University Belfast

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What will I study?

Core modules:

English Language and
Study Skills
This module is designed to help you develop your skills and confidence in academic English for university study and develop the four key areas of competence: reading, writing, listening and speaking with a particular emphasis on high level academic writing skills.
Foundation Mathematics for
Engineering and Science

This module assumes an elementary background in mathematical concepts and skills and introduces you to some of the important mathematical concepts and tools used in science and engineering. You will cover topics such as linear equations and matrices, quadratic equations, expansions, sequences and series, indices, functions and transformations, differential and integral calculus, trigonometric identities, vectors, numerical methods and an introduction to statistics.



Specialist modules:

Foundation Physics You will study topics in mechanics, materials, structures and electronics and develop an understanding of the interrelationship between atomic structure and the properties of matter. You will also study how to apply these concepts to the analysis of mechanical, electrical and thermal problems.
Foundation Chemistry You will develop an understanding of the concepts of physical, inorganic and organic chemistry and study topics such as: basic atomic and molecular structure, classification of organic compounds and their reactions, energy, enthalpy and dynamic equilibria, reaction kinetics, the properties of gases and liquids and the impact of chemistry on society the economy and the environment.
Foundation Biology In this module you will develop your understanding of biological structures and processes and consider different levels of organisation in living systems from sub-cellular to cellular to organism and systems level. Life processes are studied to show fundamental similarities between living things and you will study topics such as cellular structure and energy generation, classification, reproduction and development of living organisms, DNA replication and cell division, molecular genetics and the genetics of inheritance, evolution, human physiology, plant biology and ecology and diversity.
Further Mathematics for
Engineering and Science
You will study a range of topics which complement and extend those studied on the Foundation Mathematics module including: coordinate geometry, exponentials, further differential and integral calculus, complex numbers, statistics and probability theory.


How will I be assessed?

Progress is monitored by continuous assessment of coursework and by the use of class tests. The final grade for each unit is based on a mixture of coursework and end-of-course examinations.

Successful students will achieve grades A*, A, B, C or D for each of the four units.

Assessment will be by:

  • Coursework (prepared assignments, unit tests, experimental reports, computer use).
  • Mid-course and end-of-course examinations.
  • Formal assessment of levels and progress in English is through NCUK's English for Academic Purposes (EAP) programme.


Assured progression

Successful completion of the International Foundation will guarentee you a place on an undergraduate degree course at Queen's University Belfast.

Assured progression depends on:

  • Passing all the subject modules with the grades required by your intended degree. 
  • Passing the English for Academic Purposes module with at least a C - you may need a higher grade depending on your intended degree.

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