International Year One in Management and Business Economics

High-quality preparation for entry to the second year of your bachelor's degree at the University of Exeter Business School

Equivalent to the first year of undergraduate study, the International Year One course is a quality-assured pathway to degrees in business, accounting and economics-related subjects and you will be awarded a Certificate of Higher Education on satisfactory completion.

Why apply for the International Year One programme?

  • guaranteed university placement for all successful students
  • a quality-assured university programme
  • full university status
  • a conditional offer of a place on the second year of a relevant undergraduate degree at the University of Exeter
  • a campus-based programme with access to university facilities
  • professional support and guidance with university applications
  • the highest levels of personal care and support

Who should apply for the International Year One programme?

The International Year One is suitable for international students who have completed A-levels or equivalent, or who are already in the first year of a relevant undergraduate degree in their home country, but do not meet the academic or English language requirements for direct entry to the University of Exeter.

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  • Entry requirements
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  • Progression
  • How to apply

What will I study?

You will study the following modules:

Management Concepts and Practice This module is designed to introduce management and organisational concepts and related theories, examine the formulation and implementation of business strategy and explain the main management issues in marketing, human resources and operations.
Principles of Economics This module provides an essential body of economic theory which will provide both the basis for further study and equip you with a real understanding of the role of economics in business, public and private decision making.
Accounting for Managers This module is an introduction to the complementary concepts of financial accounting and management accounting for non-accountants. It will cover the principles of interpreting published financial information and methods for using accounting as an important tool for decision making.
Introduction to Marketing The module provides an introduction to the marketing mix, marketing management and the role of marketing in a sustainable global society. It will help you understand how organisations use data for marketing purposes and what this means for advertising, the supply chain and budgets.
Introduction to Statistics In this module students will have training on a variety of different statistical techniques commonly used in research conducted by psychologists through lectures, practicals and tutorials.
English Language Skills
for Undergraduate Studies
This module will improve your language profiency within the context of business studies in order to develop the ability to read complex academic texts and extract relevant information, you'll be able to produce written assignments in an appropriate format following academic conventions. You'll also develop fluency and confidence in seminar discussions and in the delivery of presentations as well as enhance your ability to extract relevant information from lectures.

How will I be assessed?

Assessment is both formal and informal, designed not simply to pass or fail students but, to help you build on your successes and meet the requirements for entry to the second year of a degree. Marks from the Diploma programme do not count towards the final degree, but help the University assess your abilities in your chosen field of study.

You are assessed through a combination of examination and coursework which may include:

  • essays
  • reports
  • practical exercises
  • group and individual research projects
  • portfolios
  • oral presentations
  • seminar discussion
  • class tests
  • problem solving exercises

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