Subject and Language Integrated Courses (Cultural)

An exciting opportunity to experience life abroad while you improve your English language skills

Make full use of your time in Exeter through the social programme, excursions, and special activities alongside unbeatable English tuition.

This courses combine subject study with language, giving a clear subject-led focus while carefully building and developing your English language knowledge and skills.

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What will I study?

These courses are based around CLIL teaching methodology (Content and Language Integrated Learning). Research has shown that subject and language learning involve different sides of the brain. Combining them both is proven to be far greater and more productive than studying only one.

Our Subject and Language Integrated Course is based on the subject of Contemporary British Society.

  • 20 full hours per week of lessons
  • integrated activities and visits
  • access to the internet and online resources

Contemporary British Society

This course is built around a series of six topics, each representing an aspect of life in Britain today. These topics have been chosen to form a comprehensive view of multi-cultural Britain, its origins, institutions and areas of topical interest. Each topic will be presented as a module, using a range of multi-media resources to develop your skills in all language areas; some topics will be accompanied by external speakers or trips to sights of local interest and relevance.

Course aims

  • To provide a basic understanding of topical issues relating to Contemporary British Society
  • To provide a historical perspective on life in Britain today
  • To develop your awareness of cultural aspects of life in Britain today
  • To provide you with transferable study skills
  •  To develop your general speaking skills and also your ability to give presentations, participate in seminars and present your views
  • To develop your general listening skills and also your ability to listen to lectures, participate in seminars and identify important information from topic related speech
  • To develop your general reading skills and also yout ability to identify important ideas in written texts and find specific information
  • To develop your general writing skills and also your ability to summarise, to write in an appropriate style and to express your own opinions
  • To develop your knowledge of grammar
  • To extend your vocabulary
  • To improve your pronunciation

Course modules

  • Geography
  • Multi-culturalism
  • History
  • Politics
  • Culture
  • Institutions

By the end of the course you should:

  • Be familiar with key aspects of life in Britain today
  • Be aware of the diversity engendered by being a multi-cultural society
  • Be able to communicate effectively through both individual and group based spoken work
  • Be able to understand and respond to spoken and written texts
  • Have developed independent learning and motivational skills
  • Be able to work effectively as part of a team
  • Be able to use English language skills effectively in a range of situations
  • Be able to undertake independent research

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