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You can apply to any INTO Oregon State University program using our online application form.

Application requirements

Before you begin, you will need to gather the following documents to assist you as you complete the application:
  • Your passport
  • Parent/guardian or sponsor details (if not self-funded)
  • Official institution transcripts
  • Financial information
Click here to apply using our PDF application.

If you have any questions, please contact us. Our email address is located at the bottom of this form. We are here to help you.

Personal Information


When completing the application, please provide your answers in English and you must complete all mandatory fields (marked with an *).
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Second/Other name(s)
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IMPORTANT: For all correspondence before arrival, INCLUDING I-20
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Emergency Contact Information

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Other Information

Source of Funds* 
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Program Selection

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Additional information pertaining to the program



If it has been 6 months or more since you have graduated, you may be asked to provide information on your activities during the period before your INTO OSU program start date. It is required that all academic information be disclosed for evaluation for program admission.

Student Education History

Please give details of all schools you have attended including high school(s), college(s) and/or university(s).
School/College/University Name* 
Date Of Study From (MMMM DD, YYYY)*   
Date Of Study To (MMMM DD, YYYY)   
Graduation Date/Date of Expected Graduation (MMMM DD, YYYY)* 
Highest Education Level
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Accommodation & Insurance

Travel & Medical Insurance

All international students who are registered for at least 1 credit hour on campus in Fall, Winter and/or Spring terms will be automatically enrolled in and charged for the OSU International Health Insurance through their OSU account (Note that this is not charged through the student’s INTO OSU account).


Students who have selected an Undergraduate Pathway Program at any point in their study plan are required to live on campus for the first three consecutive terms of enrollment:

All other students are encouraged, but are not required, to select on-campus housing.

Please note, your selection below is only an indication of your preference and is not considered a reservation. You will be contacted regarding final reservations. Please note, housing selections will only be reserved based on availability.
Would you like us to organize your accommodation?* 

Airport Pickup

Airport Transfer from the Portland International Airport (PDX) to Oregon State University is offered to all INTO OSU students at no additional charge. Students requiring transfer from PDX to Oregon State University must submit their arrival details to https://uhds.oregonstate.edu/into/arrival/information/login as soon as the information is available and no later than 72 hours prior to their arrival.
Do you require an airport pickup?* 



I certify that all statements made on this application are complete and true to the best of my knowledge. My admission and continuing status at OSU is conditional on such completeness and truthfulness. I also understand that if I am admitted to OSU and do not enroll for the term to which I am admitted AND wish to apply to another term, I must notify the Office of International Admissions in writing to update my file if I am applying in the same or subsequent academic years. If I wish to apply after one academic year from the original application date, I understand that I must submit a new application. * 

Authorization for Release of Information

For the purpose of allowing others to assist me with my education, I authorize Oregon State University and INTO Oregon State University, Inc. to release information regarding my application materials and student records as necessary to facilitate the application process, enrollment and continued progress through any academic program at INTO OSU. This authorization specifically permits Oregon State University, INTO Oregon State University, Inc., and INTO University Partnerships Ltd. to share my application materials and student records among them and to provide access to those materials and records to any representative, sponsor, or parent listed below and to any other agency directly responsible for my recruitment or continued participation in the INTO OSU program at Oregon State University.
Who do you authorize to view and access your application materials and student records?
My Representative* 
My Sponsor* 
My Parent/Guardian* 

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