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Undergraduate Pathway in Business

Meet Han Zhang

A former INTO OSU student now studying business at Oregon State University

OSU ranked #115 for best Undergraduate Business program by U.S. News & World Report, 2013

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Is a Pathway program right for me?

Pathway programs are designed for students who:

  • Want to study for an undergraduate degree in the US
  • Need to improve their English language or academic skills and abilities 
  • Want personalized academic, language and cultural support during their studies

Program highlights include:

  • Living and learning with American and other international students
  • Access to all of OSU's campus facilities - library, recreation center, student union
  • Personal tutoring and academic advising for any subject
  • Experienced and well-trained instructors

What will I study?

OSU's College of Business is ranked in the top tier of American universities. At OSU you will:

  • Work together with leading faculty and students on projects 
  • Improve your English and academic study skills 
  • Take credit-bearing classes with American students
  • Have access to all OSU campus facilities, resources and events


TERM 1               
ALS 150  Academic Reading/Writing 3
ALS 151 Academic Listening and Speaking      3
MTH Math Course - Variable Level* 4
HHS 231 Lifetime Fitness for Health 2
ALS 181 Lifetime Fitness for Health Bridge 2
PAC Physical Activity Class 1
  Total 15
ALS 162 Academic Reading/Writing            3
COMM 111 Public Speaking  3
MTH Math Course - Variable Level* 4
ANTH 210 Comparative Culture 3
ALS 181 Comparative Culture Bridge 2
  Total 15
WR 121 English Composition  3
ALS 181 English Composition Bridge             2
MTH Math Course - Variable Level* 4
BA 101 Business Now 6
ALS 181 Business Now Bridge 2
  Total 17

TERM 4 (Optional)

During the fourth term students can complete additional classes to ensure that they are well prepared for their second year at OSU and on track to complete in 4 years.

*Specific course is determined by results of Math placement test and requirements for the major field of study.

Degree Program Components

  • 180 credit hour program
  • 47 credit hours apply from Pathway
  • 133 credit hours remaining towards degree

Career Paths

OSU's College of Business graduates are consistently selected for competitive internships and positions by high-profile employers such as:

  • Boeing
  • Intel
  • KPMG
  • Nike
  • Moss Adams LLP

As a graduate of an undergraduate degree program in business at OSU, you might find work as a:

  • Manager
  • Accountant
  • Financial Advisor
  • Business Analyst
  • Investment Banker
  • Marketing Specialist
  • Entrepreneur

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